Sports Curtain Rod

Sports Curtain Rod | The history of drapes and window treatments including curtains and draperies might be traced several hundreds of years ago, inside the 19th century. At that time, draperies were used inside the houses of wealthy people that most often have large windows. Curtains, on the other hand, were used from the middle class families and sometimes from the servants who live in  Victorian homes. Even though this changed now, curtains and draperies continue to be loved by many different countries worldwide because of the benefits that they can provide during cold and warm months.

With very good of curtains and drapes came the challenge of how to hang them properly and attractively.  If you want your drapes or curtains to fall beautifully, you need to find the perfect curtain rod. If you want to find out more information regarding curtain rods, then you should look at facts below.

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You ought to know that there are three basic varieties of rods which you could hang your curtains or drapes – the common or sash rod, the spring rod, and decorative rods. The sash rod is regarded as the popular rod for curtains. This appears to be a rectangular tube that might be inserted in a similar shaped tube to make it longer. These are placed on the window sill using clips.

The spring rod utilizes a spring that is certainly attached to the window molding or trim. These might be easily attached to the window trim because of their springy quality. You do not even need a hanger to attach them. The same unexpected things happen with magnetic rods, but also for magnetic rods, instead of using springs, they use magnets to get held into place.