Shower Curtain Rods For Clawfoot Tub

Shower Curtain Rods For Clawfoot Tub | Window treatments really can change a place by adding stunning impact and highlighting the views from your window.Sometimes the most dramatic shades require installing various types of decorative drapery hardware, this also hardware must be installed correctly and uniformly to ensure shades look superb.

Most window fashions focus on the installation of a curtain-rod, the foundation for supporting the valence, curtain, sheer, or drapery. When installing a curtain rod, it’s always best to select how far out from your window frame you would like the rod to stay out, then to screw inside curtain rod mounts inside closest studs for the window frame. You can use a stud finder, or depend upon tapping the wallboard until this doesn’t sound hollow, in order to find the stud. Next be sure that the mount is defined it to be high enough the curtains will take care of the top from the window. Placing the mount more than the top from the window by a few inches usually looks better. Hold the begin and use a pencil to mark the position of the bottom screw hole. Then drill a dent to the wall for your screw. Hold the mount back and taking advantage of the drill, position the screw inside bottom from the mount. Level it, and screw inside top screw.

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Next position the finials around the end from the curtain rod when not already attached. Put the curtain-rod into one end from the mount, walk for the far wall from the window while using other mount as well as the curtain-rod within your hand. Hold the begin while using curtain rod inside it, and taking advantage of a quantity across the top from the rod, boost the mount until it can be level while using far wall. Mark the mount bottom screw hole, and inside same manner as before, screw inside mount.