Shower Curtain Rod Screw Mount

Shower Curtain Rod Screw Mount | A curtain valance is really a short cloth curtain across the top third of your window that hides the curtain track or rod. Sometimes people also reference a pelmet or hard panel that covers of the question track being a curtain-valance. Whatever the name, this curtain valance decoration can be quite a real asset when decorating a place, drawing the attention and complimenting accent furniture.

Valances can be simple or elaborate, depending on the nature with the room. The valance doesn’t necessarily should be within the same fabric because curtain panel, either, lending it even more decorating versatility.

Valances can be hung on a double rod which also anchors the panels or under curtains. Rods can be adjusted out of the wall to allow for clearance through these other curtains. Many times valances alone are employed to allow maximum light to get in from of the question.

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There are a couple of several types of curtain-valances, and these can all be embellished with pleats, tassels, and lace for infinite variations on a style. Some with the most common valance styles include swag, scarf, and balloon, pleated, rod pocket, festoon, jabot, tab-top, and shirred.

Curtain-valances may also beautify a door window. You can even use a valance that sits inside of the question. To do this, you can use a spring rod in the top and bottom of of the question and place your valance in order that it sits right inside of the question to get a contemporary look. This may also work for strange shaped windows like circles and diagonals as the spring rod will hold the valance within the right spot.