Basket Weave Curtains

Basket Weave Curtains | The best four fabrics for curtains include cotton, acrylic, polyester, and silk.

Cotton is actually the most frequent fabric utilized in the roll-out of curtains. Cotton also comes in various patterns, weights, colors, designs, and finishes which is very easy to clean. Cotton should be used by windows that don’t get sunlight because sunlight can weaken the material. If you have windows that don’t obtain a lot of sunlight then cotton will be perfect but don’t forget cotton does have a tendency to shrink and wrinkles easy.

Acrylic is an additional lightweight fabric used by curtains having a type of wooly feel. Often this type of fabric is used by rooms where you are looking for a warm cozy feel like in the family room or bedrooms. Just make sure you don’t make use of this fabric for rooms the location where the curtains is going to be rubbed against frequently it will tend to flake off therefore the look will definitely be diminished.

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Polyester is an additional very common fabric offering a lot of the attributes of cotton but is stronger and stretch. It is very easy to clean and will dry quickly. The only bad part is that it is also much like acrylic in this it will flake before too long.