13 Ft Curtain Rod

13 Ft Curtain Rod | When used properly, curtain valances and wrought iron curtain rods will add style and tie together a choosing curtains and curtain rods, keep in mind the size of the bedroom, windows and type of lighting. Experiment with colors, patterns and fabrics, choosing fabrics from the right weight and sheerness allowing enough light into the bedroom you’re decorating.

Curtain valances are employed to hide curtain tracks or rods, and so are draped through the top third of windows. Drape valances give you a quick, inexpensive way to add a different turn to an area. Many of us picture curtain valances as flowery, bunched-up fabric running through the the surface of a window, but you can find, actually, many styles and methods for hanging curtain.Drape valances vary from simple to elaborate, depending on the nature of the bedroom, plus they don’t have to have exactly the same fabric as the drapes panel. This allows for style and versatility. Choose curtain that satisfy your current drapes, or select something which complements other colors or patterns in the bedroom. Note: For Steel Doors, the Magne RodAĆ½ Wide Pocket Rod, serves two purposes without problems for your door! The valances add personality as well as can be used to cover the head rail from the Magne BlindAĆ½, magnetic 1″ mini blind.

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Curtain valances can be hung on the double rod which also anchors the panels or under curtains. Rods can be adjusted out of your wall allowing for clearance over your other curtains. People often use drape alone to provide maximum light to penetrate an area. Drape valances are often used to beautify door windows-they allow light to penetrate, but add privacy. Even on doors where privacy isn’t a worry, curtain valances enhance the decor for the warm, inviting feel.